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My name is Scout and I am an unschooled fashionista! My webpage is for adventure seekers, homeschoolers, worldschoolers, anyone who likes to learn new stuff.  I will share what I learn when we travel, play, explore, race and help the animals. Things like how to empower kids, live a cruelty free life, travel on a budget, awesome places to visit and the secrets we discovered when we went. I will teach you the stuff I learn about history, science, language, art, math, geography all without a classroom. I learn by living and I want you to come with me. Visit often to test your knowledge on my trivia questions, watch my video posts, read reviews on places we visit. Come along and learn new things  with me!  Check out my blog and my Facebook page.


We will be creating water color postcards on our trip to Mongolia and Okinawa. Do you want to receive one? Mailed from those countries so you will have the cool stamp and postmark! From now until August 23 (the day before we leave) we will be randomly choosing one lucky winner to receive a postcard. To enter 1. go to the blog and leave a comment, 2. share the blog or FB on social media. 3. Like Scouts Trail FB page. Enter daily if you like. The winner will be posted here each morning, announcing the winner from the day before. Good luck! Scout

Winners: Jennifer Gladkowski, Nick Schemerhorn, Enid Perry, Ranger Dorn, Bryna Watson,

balancing act
balancing act

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